The ultimate office accessory: Our new handcrafted desk

Smallbone has always used historic architectural references when designing its furniture, and this desk is no exception.

Lying underneath it you could be forgiven for thinking you’re gazing up at a bridge across the Thames. This substantial piece is inspired by the quoined detail of London Georgian architecture.

The desk pictured is a colossally scaled 2.4 metres by 1.2 metres, enough for an old-school spreading of papers – but it is fully flexible in size. The solid walnut, crown-cut veneered surfaces are finished with a soft-touch lacquer. Equally tactile is the in-laid leather top with polished nickel recessed trim on the desk’s expertly tapered edges.

The drawers and handles are dressed in British leather embossed with the Smallbone of Devizes logo. Andrew Hays, our Creative Director, who was keen to celebrate the prodigious talents of our joinery team and showcase Smallbone’s repertoire of furniture making, designed this standalone piece.

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