Smallbone’s brand mark – Inspired by the white horses of Wiltshire, England

Smallbone was born in the mellow, seductive hills of Wiltshire in southern England. Our handsome new logo references the enigmatic white horses that grace its chalky downlands, proof that craftsmanship in this region is Millennia-old.

In these parts, the distant past feels tangible. This was the heart of the ancient kingdom of Wessex, made beloved in the popular imagination in the emotionally atmospheric novels of Thomas Hardy.

Three thousand years ago, Bronze Agers expertly carved the lines of a horse on the chalky face of their rolling downland. From miles away its equine leap can still be seen arcing across the hillside. The Uffington White Horse forms the centrepiece of a set of Neolithic burial grounds, including an Iron Age hill fort.

Wiltshire, home to Smallbone of Devizes, is famous for White Horses. They come and go, but there have been 13 in Wiltshire, out of 24 in Britain as a whole. Eight are still visible. One is the Westbury White Horse cut in the late 1600s to commemorate the Battle of Ethandun in AD 878. Overlooking our Devizes workshop is our own White Horse on Roundway Down. It was carved in 1999 to celebrate the millennium and replace an older horse cut by local shoemakers in 1845, known as the ‘Snob’s Horse’ – a reference to the local dialect word for ‘shoemaker’. This horse has disappeared back into the hill from whence it came.

The West Country’s famed ingenuity has always travelled far beyond its borders – a tradition that Smallbone of Devizes continues to this day.

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