Michel Roux Jr has a house in France and keeps a traditionally elegant apartment in Clapham for himself, his wife Giselle and daughter Emily, who is currently learning the art of the chef in Paris.

For a family with so many generations dedicated to the art of cooking, the company chosen to design and supply a new kitchen in his home, had to be the best. Michel discovered that many of his contemporaries enjoyed Mark Wilkinson kitchens at home. Having heard what both Michel and Giselle wanted from their new kitchen, Mark Wilkinson Designer, Leila Conway introduced them to the New England Collection with a contemporary twist in choice of colour.

“Although this is a kitchen for Michel, one of the country’s top chefs, he was keen that it is also a family kitchen,” Leila says, “and quite different from the commercial kitchens that he works in at the restaurant. There are, obviously, some similarities. For instance, at Le Gavroche Michel uses ‘induction’ cooking and was keen to include the latest Induction technology in the space”.

Michel says: “A kitchen really is the heart of family living, particularly when you come from such a food-focused family as we are. So, as well as being a practical space that gives you enough room to store and prepare everything, it should allow you to express your own style and display some of the special things that you have collected.”

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