Britain’s finest furniture maker, Mark Wilkinson Furniture, is celebrating the start of a fifth decade of world-leading furniture design born of a deep-rooted craftsmanship and sense of occasion. Showcasing a new livery for all their showrooms, emphasising it’s world-quality heritage, the new colours employ metal accents in Brushed Gold Titanium, subtly paired with a classic Georgian Brown painted background, reflecting as it does its artisanal roots embroidered into the status that owning the furniture brings.

The unashamedly luxurious brushed metal with concealed halo lighting are techniques that are reflective of Mark Wilkinson’s influence on aspirational lifestyle and will sit comfortably with the most modern of homes. This mould-breaking new store front is already drawing accolades from seasoned market-leading style observers and is naturally followed through by the collections that lie within, proudly earning the accolade, ‘Furniture Alchemy’.

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