Marcus Mariota on Preparation for the NFL Draft and His Personal Path to Success

In many ways, That’s a positive for Mariota, As it has helped boost his success and national profile. In other ways, It has seemed to hurt him throughout the draft process, As questions loom whether or not his incredible tools will translate to the NFL.Mariota, For one, Is not worried,The nice thing is: A lot of the teams I’ve talked to said many of the concepts we run in our passing game and even some of the run game is similar to what some of these teams are running. That should make my transition easier,Bleacher Report got to speak with Mariota on the heels of his partnership with Subway as their latest “Subway Famous Fan, The initiative sent the restaurant to Mariota’s hometown with an oversized, Heisman style bust of the quarterback made out of sandwich ingredients,It was different, Mariota said about seeing his head made out of meat and veggies, “But it was really cool having Subway come all the way to Honolulu,While the real life Mariota may not be nearly as different as the cold cuts version, He’s still a singular individual not only in the 2015 NFL draft landscape but also among recent quarterback prospects. There just aren’t a lot of truly good comparisons for him, And neither does Mariota look for them,I learned a long time ago through my dad, Mariota said, “That you shouldn’t really compare yourself to others just because that hampers how good you can be. While many talk the talk, It’s been clear he walks the walk as well, Helping out in the Eugene community and continually being a consummate leader both on and off the field,I really believe in a community effort, Mariota said. “I was really excited to work with Subway because they’re really into helping others and providing people with healthy choices. I’m really big into helping others and felt our values coincided,Mariota also talked up his involvement with the “O Heroes” Initiative through the Oregon Athletic Department. The program helps Oregon student athletes get involved in the community. From their website:The goal for O Heroes is to create a collective organization that can positively impact Oregon, Most specifically the Eugene/Springfield community. The student athletes’ efforts in this regard are our way of thanking the fans and the community for their continued support.Through the O Heroes program we have reached thousands of people each year. The University of Oregon Athletic Department and the student athletes strive to establish lasting relationships with community members and always welcome opportunities to develop further.This has been a huge part of Mariota’s life over the past couple of years, And one would be remiss not to poke around the O Heroes website to find pictures such as the star quarterback mentoring kids.He also hopes he can continue his service but knows that the particulars aren’t quite up to him at this point, Saying about his NFL future: “We’ll have to see where I’ll be able to help, But I’d hope to,In fact, Before he can really start worrying about the particulars of his off field life in the NFL, He needs to be ready to actually play there. For Mariota, That process like just about everything else in his life isn’t going to be quite like anyone else’s.Those like Mariota who need to develop “Pro style” Fundamentals aren’t often thought of as top picks at least when they’re not more of a pro style body type. Yet, Mariota is considered one of the top prospects in the class because of the tools he has, Even if he’s not 6’3, 220 pounds and he didn’t drop back from center every single snap.For the former Duck, This means speeding up the process so he can learn the kind of game he’ll need to play by the time he might be asked to carry a team, Which should be sooner rather than later. I asked him what sort of hurdles he’s facing and what he’s doing to clear them,Learning the dropback game from under center, Mariota said, “And just having a fundamental basis that will allow me to be a part of any system for whatever particular team selects me.To help speed up his maturation, He’s been working out down in San Diego with former teammates, Offensive linemen Jake Fisher and Hroniss Grasu.In quarterback drills, Mariota says he’s taking things a step at a time and breaking his dropback down piece by piece so he can get each step perfect before putting it together and making the whole thing better than it’s ever been.He’s already graduated from Oregon with a general science degree, So he doesn’t have to worry about attending class as he’s preparing for a life in football. He laughed when I asked him to make the comparison between draft prep and his hardest science classes, Saying they’re equally difficult in their own way.

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