After mingling over a glass of champagne, guests were welcomed to the event by master designer Mark Wilkinson OBE, who introduced the company’s rationale in re-planning the magnificent showroom. He described the modern evolution of two of his collections, Newlyn and New England, which along with the Portobello collection, were designed to offer quite a different experience in viewing kitchens for the 21st century.

Mark explained, with great feeling, how a trusted brand-name is built when he explained a little of the history and background of the company. He ended with a view of how lifestyle-design is developing as the kitchen grown more central to modern life, with family, enjoyment of entertaining and food at its core.

The welcomes over, Mark passed the floor to the UK’s favorite French Chef, Michel Roux Jr., who installed Mark Wilkinson furniture in his family’s apartment in Clapham. Michel is, of course, chef at La Gavroche on Upper brook Street and he entertained guests with demonstrations of famous French dishes. These included Chicken with Saffron Milk Cap Mushrooms… or Poulet aux lactaires delicieux et Rhum. In true Roux tradition, Michel was assisted by his daughter, who is on her way to become an accomplished chef. Guests were spellbound by his demonstration and had opportunity to interact with Michel and to experience his culinary expertise.

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