Company Policy

Canburg is committed to supporting the principles of economic success, environmental stewardship, diversity and social responsibility. We believe that by acting as a responsible global company, we will not only minimise business risk but also enhance our reputation as a business partner and employer.


The care we put into our products is reflected in the way we approach our environment. Our Environmental Policy with regard to our products aims at integrating sound environmental practices into our business. We aim to minimise the negative environmental impacts that may arise through our business operations and to comply with all current legislation, and ensure preparedness for impending relevant environmental legislative developments.

The making of our products is a very intensive process and to that end we always try to improve efficiency, use less energy and less water. This, combined with all of the electricity used in our workshops, offices and showrooms being supplied from green sources reduces our impact on the environment.

Our timber procurement policy recognises our responsibility as a consumer of forest products to ensure that it has a neutral if not positive effect on the world’s forests. We give preference to timber and timber products that have been independently certified by a credible, global, forest certification scheme and can demonstrate that the products are derived from well managed sources. Our policy is to recycle the majority of our waste wood products where possible and to use water based stains instead of solvent-based stains to help protect air quality.

We continually strive to further improve the quality of our products. After all, what can be more environmentally friendly than designing and making furniture that lasts and lasts.

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